Istat data on the export of wine & food made in Italy confirm that Italian food pulls, despite everything. Despite or thanks to the unfair competition of the Italian Sounding producers that manages to satisfy the demand of foreign markets that we are not able to satisfy, despite the duties and growing international tensions, and despite the internal problems linked to the many criticalities of a fragmented, long supply chain and articulated.

通过Nosotti International,Fast Direct Link是希望在意大利出口到世界各地的意大利公司的合作伙伴。 我们致力于通过提升意大利产品来满足国外市场的需求。 我们通过关注和关注产品质量来运营,与客户建立信任关系,保护他们在世界上的形象。 我们的进出口服务满足销售和采购中介的需求,买方领域的研究,适合客户需求的供应商和产品,商业网络的创建,公司的研究和监督,商业谈判的协助和公司的开放/ 世界各地的活动。