Corporate finance

The Corporate Finance activities are aimed at supporting management in economic and financial decisions by assessing business operations, cash flow, advancement perspectives and necessary resources.

Our purpose is to become accelerators of growth: we maximize the company’s value, propose strategies for efficient and effective management, we create links between the company and stakeholders interested in corporate finance transactions.

A company valuation, which can be defined as economic and financial analysis, needs and organizational structure assessments, is the first step that leads to the definition of corporate objectives and to the strategic planning phase. After careful analysis it is possible to implement various actions that are defined according to customer needs.

The M&A service assists in the management of extraordinary transactions such as:

Acquisition of equity or business branch Mergers Business transfers

We assist our customers throughout the process, from defining the strategy to identifying the target company, passing through the economic and financial analysis to get to the negotiation and closing phase.

We also offer our assistance to take care the post-closing integration that follows the operation.

Strategic planning is the basis for progress and business development. Having in mind where you want to go and how to get there enables the company to orient decisions and actions in the right direction to comply to a mid-long term plan. Define clearly mid-long term objectives and then engage in operations aimed at the improvement and development of the business is key for the growth of the company. Planning is the identification of means, tools and actions to be implemented to achieve set objectives.

Frequently during the process of evaluation and analysis of the current situation it is possible to identify efficiencies that could help improve business performances. For this reason we provide Our customers cost reduction activities aimed at reducing costs and optimizing performances.

Through specialized facilities, we offer support in any decision concerning management of personal, family or corporate assets in order to provide an integrated service that meets the needs of anyone who wishes to invest for the future. 

These services are provided in close collaboration with our partnership network.