New Automotivation


The cars of the future will be part of an ecosystem capable of giving value to the customer through mobility, communication and information. Today, this environment sees the entry of ever new partners, with processes, product life cycles and interaction channels with completely different customers.

To be able to become part of this ecosystem of the future, car manufacturing companies must revolutionize the landscape of their systems and business processes, so that they are efficient, profitable and more able to respond to market changes. Changes that will be introduced by customers and their new "life partners" in the automotive sector: digital devices. The key factor will no longer be technology but customer satisfaction.

Today, mobile devices can put drivers in direct contact with their vehicles, which are in turn connected with the manufacturers and dealers. This network of connections generates incredible opportunities for an even more personalized driving / ownership experience, as well as a complex system of relationships between technologies. Furthermore, it will soon bring a completely new approach to mobility and car ownership.

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Source: Techedgegroup S.p.A.