2018 record year for Italian food

spaghetti food made in Italy

Istat data on the export of wine & food made in Italy confirm that Italian food pulls, despite everything. Despite or thanks to the unfair competition of the Italian Sounding producers that manages to satisfy the demand of foreign markets that we are not able to satisfy, despite the duties and growing international tensions, and despite the internal problems linked to the many criticalities of a fragmented, long supply chain and articulated.
Our wine is increasingly in demand, in fact it is among the most exported products, with an increase of 3% in value compared to 2017, even if the real star is the category of sparkling wines, which jump 13% and reach a value of sales abroad exceeding 1.5 billion. In Europe we are the leading country in the organic sector with over 60,000 BIO farms, we aim to safeguard our typical products like no one else, thanks to the 40,000 farms involved in keeping seeds or plants at risk of extinction.
But one thing that many people do not know is that Italy boasts the primacy of world food security, with the largest number of food products with regular chemical residues (99.4%).
Made in Italy in 2018 reached the value of 42 billion euros for the first time thanks to the 3% increase. Coldiretti traces the budget for the year just ended, based on Istat data projections. This is an excellent result which - underlines Coldiretti - confirms the potential of Made in Italy at the table for the country's economic and employment recovery.
Almost two thirds of agri-food exports - explains Coldiretti - are of interest to the countries of the European Union where the main partner is Germany, while outside the EU borders the United States is the reference market for Italian food. Growth is driven by Coldiretti - the basic products of the Mediterranean diet starting with wine but the real star is the category of sparkling wines that jump by 13% and reach a value of sales abroad exceeding 1.5 billion during the year.
Source: ANSA - canale Terra&Gusto